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"Campus Recruitment Training Program " presented by Numeric Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.

Numeric Infosystem has a comprehensive programme designed to train students for all the stages of Campus Recruitments done at various colleges including engineering colleges and MBA/MCA colleges. The programme has different modules for written test or aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews. This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses.

All the areas normally covered in the aptitude tests of most companies, i.e., Quantitative ability, Reasoning, Verbal and Basic Computer Skills are covered in detail in the course offered by Numeric Infosystem. As a part of the course, students get practice exercises and test papers for each test area followed by comprehensive tests on the pattern of the tests conducted by major companies.

To prepare the students for the next stages, i.e. Group Discussion (GD) and Interview, classes are conducted in Communication Skills which include basic communication skills, GD and Interview basics, mock GDs, mock Interviews (HR & Technical) and Psychometric tests.

Topics To Be Covered

 Number System/ Decimal Fractions/ Simplification/ Square Roots/ Cube Roots
 Average/ Problem on Numbers/ Problem on Ages/ Surds & Indices
 Problems on Percentages.
 Problems on Profit & Loss.
 Problems on Ratio & Proportion.
 Time & Work/ Pipes & Cisterns
 Time, Speed & Distance
 Problems on Trains/ Problems on Boats & Streams
 Problems on Allegations and Mixture
 Simple Interest & Compound Interest
 Problem on Races & Games of Skill/ Calendar/ Clocks
 Problem based on Permutation & Combination, Probability


 Bar Graphs/ Line Graphs
 Pie Charts


 Analogy/ Classification/ Series Completion
 Coding – Decoding/ Blood Relations/ Puzzle test/ Sitting Arrangement
 Sequential Output Tracing/ Direction Sense Test/ Logical Venn Diagrams
  Alphabet Test/ Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
 Intro and hands-on coding of Python (comparison with C programming over Linux machines)
 Mathematical Operations/ Arithmetical Reasoning / Dice
 Data Sufficiency/ Mirror & Water Reflection
 Decision Making/ Assertion and Reason/ Situation Reaction Test

 Training need analysis (TNA)

 Verbal and written test of English language
 IQ & EQ assessment


Behavioural training

 ASK Assessment
 Rappo building
 Ice breakers
 Lateral thinking
 Critical thinking
 Winning Attitude building


English language & Communication training

 Essential grammar
 Communicate better & effectively
 Make meaningful sentence
 Appropriate usage of tense
 Enhance spoken skills
 Winning Attitude building


Group Discussion

 Thought preparation
 Exchange of though
 Leadership &co-ordinating capabilities
 Knowledge regarding subject
 factual topics ,Controversial topics, Abstract topics
 Addressing group as a whole jam sessions
 Activity to initiate extemporaneous speaking
 JAM session procedure guidelines & tips
 GD Assessment procedure & check-points


Resume \ Curriculum vitae

 Difference between resume & curriculum vitae
 Formatting the res
 Customizing an OBJECTVE
 Resume checklist
 Resume format


Interview Skills

 Interview tips
 Preparing for the interview
 Common interview question
 You & the interview
 Interview tips & mock interviews by corporate person
 Pre & post interview


Email Etiquettes

 General etiquette
 Common mistakes in punctuation, grammar & spelling
 Sending effective messages
 Form and tone of the messages
 Responding to messages
 Organising the different part of an email:


Greeting Enclosures
Closing CC & BCC
Subject Line Screen Appearance
Spacing Font
Replying Flaming


Business Etiquette and Customer Handling

 How to present yourself to people
 Greetings, Introductions
 The art of small talk-how to make proper introductions, paying & receiving compliments, small talk & networking
 Behaviour in team meeting
 Developing your personal and professional image
 Personal hygiene



Etiquette of dressing

 The do’s and don’t in dressing
 Understand various dress codes for different occasions
 Understand various dress codes for different occasions
 Clothes and corporate culture



 We use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming ) techniques in training programs.
 Power Point Presentation & Open Discussion
 Group Activities
 Case studies
 Activities / Games

Topics in C

 Introduction to C Programming.
 Your First Program.
 Introduction to Variables.
 Introduction to Data Types.
 Introduction to Flow Control
 Introduction to Arrays.
 Introduction to Pointers.
 Introduction to Structures.


Topics in C++

 Introduction to C++.
 Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
 The Basics of C++
 Using Functions/Procedures.
 Pointers and Arrays
 Binding data and functions
 Function and Operator Overloading.
 Reusing classes.
 Virtual functions and Polymorphism.

Topics in Databases

 Introduction to Database.
 Introduction to Normalization
 Introduction to Data Definition Language
 Introduction to Data Manipulation Language.
 Introduction to SQL.
 Introduction to SQL Functions.
 Introduction to Set Operators, Groups, Reports..


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