Introduction to C++

Introduction to C++
Starting with C++
How C++ evolved from C?
Features of C++
Procedure-oriented programming
OOP vs. procedure-oriented programming
The basic anatomy of a C++ program
Starting with a simple “Hello World” program
Compiling, linking and running a C++ program
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Data Binding
Classes, subclasses and Objects
The Basics of C++
Base Data Types and sizes
User-defined Data Types
Variable Declarations, Variable Names
Dynamic initialization of variables
Constants and its types
    â€¢ Character Constants
    â€¢ String Constants
Standard input and standard output
    â€¢ Formatted input –cin
    â€¢ Formatted output – cout
    â€¢ Use of << and >> operators
Using Functions/Procedures
Why Functions?
Anatomy of a Function
Returning values from functions
Arguments Passed by Value
Passing Addresses of Arguments
Concept of variable scope and scope rules
Static and automatic variables
Global variables
Pointers and Arrays
    â€¢ What is a Pointer?
    â€¢ Pointer Initialization
    â€¢ Pointer Operators
    â€¢ The & Operator
    â€¢ Pointer Arithmetic
    â€¢ Functions and pointers
Understanding Arrays
    â€¢ Arrays
    â€¢ Initializing Arrays
    â€¢ Passing Arrays to Functions
Pointers and Arrays
Pointer to an Array
Array of pointers
Binding data and functions
Concept of a class
Defining a class
Creating an object
Object Scope
Data Abstraction
Enforcing Data Encapsulation
‘this’ Pointer ! Dynamic creation of objects
Constructors and Destructors
    â€¢ The Default Constructor
    â€¢ The Destructor
    â€¢ Parameterized Constructors
    â€¢ Copy constructor
Defining member functions
     • Methods and access modifiers
Accessing class data and methods
Friend class and friendly functions
Returning objects
Arrays of Objects
Function and Operator Overloading
Function Overloading
    â€¢ Using overloaded functions
    â€¢ Rules for overloading
Operator overloading and its uses
    â€¢ Overloading unary and binary
    â€¢ Overloading the assignment
    â€¢ Overloading the << Operator
    â€¢ Overloading the increment and
decrement operator
Dealing with strings using operators
Converting data types
    â€¢ Basic to class type
    â€¢ Class to basic type
    â€¢ Class to another class type
Reusing classes
Inheritance-Base and Derived classes
Inheritance types
Scope Resolution operator
Access Modifiers
Access and Inheritance
Constructors and Inheritance
Multiple & Multilevel Inheritance
Calling base class constructor
Overriding base class members
Virtual functions and Polymorphism
Virtual & non-virtual Overriding
Virtual functions
Rules for virtual functions
Pure virtual functions
Static and Dynamic Binding
Virtual base classes
Templates, Exception Handling
Function templates
Class templates
Exception handling
IOS Stream and File Handling Object Persistence
Console I/O Opration Formatted & Unformatted,
IStream, FStream, SStream Classes,
Method Write (), Read (), Get (), Put (), E.t.c,
Miscellaneous Topics
Types of Objects,

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