A workshop on "GSM" presented by Numeric Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.

GSM MASTER is all about Control & Monitor your systems using a GSM Module over GSM technology (SMS/CALL). GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) is a digital mobile telephony system that uses a variation of Time Division Multiple Accesses (TDMA) and most widely uses the three digital wireless telephony technologies i.e., TDMA, CDMA & FDMA.

The Workshop mainly focuses on conceptualization and designing of SMS/Call based automation systems which will help the students to meet their ever awaited wish on “How to build a SMS/Call controlled Automation, Monitor & feedback system??”

The Workshop includes a detailed study structure, delivered & demonstrated live by our experts in the field of embedded system. SMS based system are automatic wireless system which receive its control signal in the form of short message service to perform various kinds of functionalities. These are basically employed in small & large scale industries which demands wireless control from distant places.

Once the student acquires knowledge about its basic operations, they can further develop & implement it according to the requirements. It can be employed for wide range of application including appliance control, digital notice boards, electronic voting machine, motor control, wheel chair control, surveillance & Monitoring purpose etc.

  Introduction to GSM & GSM module
  GSM AT Commands
  Introduction of Embedded System / Microcontrollers
  Introduction to Embedded C and its Programming.
 Interface of LEDs , Motors, Sensors.
  USART / Serial Communication.
 GSM Communication with Microcontroller
 GSM SMS / Call
 MAT-LAB & Its Communication with GSM/ MCU


a) Blinking and Patterns of LED, b) LED chaser, c) LED control Over SMS.





a) Motor control with microcontroller, b) Motor Direction Control, c)Introduction to Motor Driver IC, d)Motor Control Over SMS.





a) Sensor Reading, b) Sensor Reading Over SMS, c)Sensor and SMS based Security/ Alarm System.





a) Serial/ USART Communication, b) Call Using GSM & Microcontroller, c)GSM Module Commutation With MAT-LAB, d) Microcontroller Communication With MAT-LAB.

 Training Duration:2 Days(16 Hours)

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