Cinque Terre

A Training on "Embedded C & Robotics" presented by Numeric Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.

Is a time to up skill yourself in the areas of Embedded Systems, Robotics and MATLAB. It's an announcement about Embedded Hut Training/Internship Program with Project running in June and July. Beneficial for students interested to understand the Robo- World, want to make Autonomous, Micro mouse, Vision, Swarm Robots & Microcontroller based projects. This training covers most of the aspects of engineering in Robotics.

  Introduction of Embedded System and Robotics
  Introduction to Microcontrollers and cross complier
  Introduction to AVR Microcontrollers
  Interface of LEDs, Motors, buzzers, LCDs, IR Sensors.
  Interface of Relay, Keypad, Speakers, Temperature Sensors.
  Interface of RF module (Wireless), AC appliances (Bulb ,fans).
  Interface to ADCs, PWM, interrupts, USART (Communication).
  Autonomous system, Robotics, and Wireless Robotics.
  Introduction to MAT LAB.
  Introduction to Arduino.
  Introduction to GPS & GSM (AT Command & Serial Communication).


a) Blinking and Patterns of LED, b) LED chaser, c) LED Cubes,d) RGB LED, e) Seven segment, f) LED matrix, g) Traffic light system, h) LED brightness and color control (PWM).


Motor Based Projects

a) Motor control with microcontroller, b) Motor Direction Control, c) Introduction to Motor Driver IC, d) Motor Speed Control (PWM).


LCD based Projects

a) Name display, b) Scrolling on LCD, c) Variable display, d) Small animation on LCD, e) Clock on LCD, f) Introduction to Graphical LCD, g) Sensor Reading display, h) Hindi/other language on LCD,


Sensor based Projects

a) IR Sensor Interface and alibration with microcontroller, b) Sensor Interface with LED/LCD/Motors, c) Temperature Sensor and Digital Thermometer, d) Temperature Control Fan /Fan Speed, e) Temperature / Gas / Rain / Weather Monitoring System, f) Sensor based intelligent applications and systems like intelligent Doors.


Robotics based Projects

a) Line follower Robot, b) Obstacle avoider/ object follower Robot, c) Never Falling Robot /Edge Avoider Robot, d) Wireless Robot / PC Control Robot, e) MAT LAB Control Robot, f) GUI Control Robot.


Application based Projects

a) AC appliances interface/control with microcontroller, b) Calculator (Keypad plus LCD), c) Tone Generation via Speaker(Sa Re Ga Ma OR Happy Birthday ), d) Introduction to Open Source Hardwar and Software e) Introduction to Arduino.


GPS & GSM Based Projects

a) Sending/Reading SMS using MAT-LAB, b) GPS Latitude / Longitude on MAT-LAB, c) Serial Communication for GSM, GPS & AT Commands.

 Training Duration:15 Days (60 hours)

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